Cell Phones in Russia: Nokia Leads The Way

Cell phones have invaded Russian culture, particularly among the fairer sex. According to news sources, Nokia and Motorola cell phones are commonplace and can be bought in almost any mobile service shop throughout the country. Some of Nokia’s models, however, are truly top-of-the-line in both style and cost, and include the work of Austrian jeweler, Peter Aloisson. He created a phone masterpiece for example, composed of 4,320 diamonds encrusted into the device. Covered in snake and crocodile skin, it still shines as Nokia, and can shine for some Russians who can afford their own private star for 120,000 Euros (about $170,000 US dollars).



The Vertu Signature Phones are made with precious jewels and the Vertu Signature Cobra sells for a mere $310,000! The cheaper version created with various diamonds and precious jewels sells for only $115,000 US dollars!

The Vertu Signature Cobra is one ritzy gadget. (It damn well better be.) Designed by French jeweler Boucheron, it is created from one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies (who’s counting? I am!). As far as other features like streaming video and speaker phones go, do they really matter when the price of this phone is worth more than the average home (mine included)

Even if God is in the details, it would seem that the devil is in there somewhere too!