Census 2010 - Ten Reasons That Count Including Social Networking

The national Census is like a celestial comet - or a hibernating cicada - it can only be seen one time every 10 years. With a roll-out starting in February, 2010,  this year's survey differs from years past - check out what's new - note the misconceptions - but most important it's imperative that each and every one of us be counted.

The 2010 Census will provide a clear and detailed picture of our nation, and its results will be used to determine how $400 billion in federal tax money is spent in states and communities. Here are ten reasons why it's important and easy for all us to be counted.

1- Social Networking - The Census has joined the Web 2.0 generation as we can now receive updates on Twitter and Facebook and watch YouTube videos to obtain quick overviews and FAQs.

Census Social NetworkingCensus Social Networking
Santos is a bootmaker, but what he offers isnt just footwear, its the personal touch of an artist. A humble immigrant, his boots are worn by country stars and governors. For Santos and others, the census offers language guides in 59 languages, so no matter what language you speak, the form is a perfect fit.

2- Less Questions- This year's form has less questions than questionnaires sent out in the 70s and 80s. Less Memory is required - No one will be required to report personal identification numbers or have to remember past events such as the year a family moved into the house. The form you will receive by mail in March includes only 10 questions that can be answered in 10 minutes. While the form cannot be filled out online, a PDF of the form can be printed out from your computer.

Census 10 QuestionsCensus 10 Questions