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Census 2010 - Ten Reasons That Count Including Social Networking

3- Privacy Protected - Items that pry into sensitive personal matters are gone from this census- this year's census is promoted as the simplest form in more than a century. Many fear that if they fill out the census, the information will be given to the immigration service and they will be deported. Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr insists that those who are undocumented have nothing to fear from the census."We're telling them no-one is going to come knocking on your door (for that reason), this is not about the Immigration and Naturalization Service, this is confidential.

4- Assistance - The Census Bureau plans to provide a great deal of help to anyone needing assistance. For example, a bilingual or Spanish form will be delivered to many households where Spanish is the primary language.

5- Walk-In Centers - There will be numerous well-publicized walk-in questionnaire centers around the city and county for people who do not receive the form by mail for some reason - or for those who prefer the form in a different language.

6- Return By Mail - April 1 is designated as official Census Day. Sort of like “tax day,” April 1 is the latest time when the census asks that you return your forms by mail. It is an important day to remember for people who don’t like the idea of a “census-taker” knocking on their door. The best way to avoid someone coming to your home is to answer the questions completely and return the forms by April 1.

7- Current Law - The current law on the census passed Congress in January 2009. It is Title 13 of U.S. Code, and it requires people to respond to the census, and to answer all the questions. If a household reports only the number of people, the form must be treated as incomplete and the Census Bureau will send a census-taker sometime after the April 1 Census Day to collect the full information. This is the “non-response follow-up” phase of the census.