CenterLine Cadillac Is Literally The Cadillac Of Pilates Equipment

CenterLine CadillacCenterLine Cadillac

No, this piece of equipment is not a torture device. It is also not a hospital bed or any other piece of medical equipment, and it is certainly not meant for things of an "animal" nature (get your mind out of the gutter). This piece of equipment is the CenterLine Cadillac, and it is used for Pilates.

When you think of Pilates equipment, you probably imagine mats, the small, sand-filled balls and the bigger exercise balls. If you're like myself, an image like the CenterLine Cadillac doesn't necessarily say "Pilates." However, this piece of equipment is modeled after an "original" piece of Pilates equipment designed by Joe Pilates, the founder of the fitness system.

Pilates With The CadillacPilates With The Cadillac

Made by Balanced Body, the CenterLine Cadillac allows you to perform a wide range of Pilates exercises without the need for a gym or studio. As I said, the design comes from an original Joe Pilates piece of equipment, and Balanced Body has replicated this design down to the exact smaller measurements of the springs and straps. The apparatus consists of a foam-padded table, push through bar, roll down bar, Trapeze bar, safety straps and a belly strap. Imagine engaging you "powerhouse" on this thing. 

The craftsmanship of this piece of equipment is superb down to the chrome plated metal pieces and the finished wood of the table. However, a large, well-crafted piece of equipment that allows you to do a myriad of exercises doesn't come cheap. The unit will cost you arount $4,100 and you can't find it anywhere else but Balanced Body. 

Source: Balanced Body