Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads: Sober Barbecue Fare

Ceramic Drunk Chicken HeadsCeramic Drunk Chicken HeadsWhat is a Ceramic Drunk Chicken Head ?

The Ceramic Drunk Chicken Head is a dubious addition to the lovers of barbecue. For those fond of “beer-butt” chicken, which is made by cramming an open can of beer behind the chicken before placing it on the grill, the Ceramic Drunk Head is placed on top of the bird before cooking. This simulates the sensation of the animal’s suffering while being grilled up for lunch or dinner. Beer-butt chicken is moist and tasty, but the Bug-Eyed Ceramic Drunk Chicken Head is as morbid as it is funny.

What special features can one expect from the Ceramic Drunk Chicken Head ?
Bug-Eyed Chicken HeadBug-Eyed Chicken Head
You can dress up your chicken for those special barbecue dinners. Just pop some Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads on top of your chicken before cooking or if you feel so inclined, you may even add them to a store bought rotisserie. Three morbid versions are available: The Malibu, the Bug-Eyed Chicken and the Southwestern Chicken, which comes complete with sombrero and moustache. (I’m surprised it doesn’t scream in Spanish before being roasted. That would be a nice touch for lovers of this sort of thing, n’est c’e pas?) The Malibu and Bug-Eyed Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads require grills with 10.5 inches of internal hood light, while the Southwestern version needs 12 inches.

Are these Ceramic Drunk Chicken Heads for you?

For 15 bucks, you can make your own horror movie and eat pretty well. But then, on the other hand, there’s probably a better one playing in the theater down the block.

To each his own, but I can only wonder what the chickens might have to say about all this!
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