CES Joins Forces With Salesforce To Harness Social Media At #2013CES

Lucky 13 comes in with a bang at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.  While in the real world, you might catch the flu in the exhibit halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, in the virtual world there's no viruses to speak of - just a lot of chatter that's being monitored at high frequency by Salesforce. The global enterprise software company headquartered in San Francisco, California, best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product has of recent date also expanded into the social enterprise space with cloud computing.

This year in the North Hall of the convention center, CES partners with Salesforce in creating the Social Media Command Center (Booth #4906), a nerdy collaboration that monitors everything social at the show. Every second, the massive screen displays reactions to certain announcements and the ranking of the most discussed gadget categories. Word is that the graphs, charts and stats are pulled from about 500 million different sources.

The center is powered by the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a combination of Salesforce, Radian6 and Buddy Media platforms to scan and filter the social web, and Salesforce and CES staff are actively monitoring the conversation surrounding the conference to be able to react and discuss with the attendees, as they congregate at the center.

The visual aspect of the SMCC provides robust data all at a glance.  Customizable to specific needs, it showcases and aggregates real-time tweets, Instagram photos, along with gender, geographic, and other images that are continually updating to reflect the most current social media conversations taking place.  

And of course Salesforce would not be doing their job at a show whose central focus is selling products, if they didn't sell their own. So, if you or your company would like to buy your very own SMCC, the supposed beauty of the SMCC system is that it's scalable.  Whether your organization or event is comprised of 100 people or several thousand people, the SMCC can be scaled to your needs.

One of the features of the SMCC that would appeal to a business enterprise whether large or small is the Social Media Playbook that comes part and parcel.

Saleforce's PlaybookSaleforce's Playbook
Why, you ask? Well for starters, it maps out your "social media journey." For your internal and external processes, it assists in defining the who, what and why of conversations as well as workflow, escalation and reporting. Tied to your business objectives, the playbook lays out roles, responsibilities and expectations. It will identify what to respond to and what not to respond to and how to use workflow to your advantage and why you need it.

Now that #2013CES is officially coming to a close (January 11, 2013), perhaps the SMCC might have been more diligent in monitoring contagious diseases where people would have learned how to avoid the 90% chance of catching the flu at this year's convention. Better chance to obtain that type of info from The Joy of Tech...