CFLs, Old Incandescent Lightbulbs and Creacycling

So you've replaced all your old incandescent lightbulbs with CFLS. Now you're saving money and saving energy, but there is still the stack of old incandescent lightbulbs waiting to be disposed of. Throwing them away wouldn't be eco-friendly. Right? How about creacycling them instead?

What is creacycling? Creacyling is the new word for creative recycling. Bulbs Unlimited have come up with wonderful innovative way to help you do this with old lightbulbs. It takes about six steps, a Bulbs Unlimited kit and some imagination. Pick between the Rookie Kit, Pro Kit or Addicted Kit. The kits come with an Inkubator, E27 lamp holder, hanging kit, high-end cable, special glue, and a bunch of snap-buttons to snap the bulbs together.

What kind of things can you make with a kit like this? A lot of things. You can make table decorations, lamps, hanging lamps, etc. The creation is yours to design, but if you need a visual inspiration take a look at the images at the Bulbs Unlimited photo gallery.

So what do you think? Is creacyling incandescent light bulbs a good idea?

Via Eco Street

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Nov 19, 2007
by Lady Bee
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oooh, so hot!

love this idea!! great find!