C.F.S. Kids Set Is Seriously Strong Cardboard Furniture


My kids have a lot of cute things.  The baby is too small to appreciate any of it yet, but my 3 year old uses everything to its full extent.  She is pretty hard on stuff and it is sometimes pretty hard on her.  While the little table and chairs and other mini furniture that we have are hers it is still pretty disappointing to me when I see that she has hurt herself on it or has damaged something.  Maybe if the items were a little softer and more disposable I wouldn’t be as worried.



The C.F.S. Kids table and stools set by Metrocs is a step in that direction.  It is made of cardboard and is surprising strong, supporting 750lbs on the stools and 315lbs on the table.  The set, which comes unassembled, requires no adhesive to put together.  Pieces are simply folded and slid into place.  It comes in white, green, orange or blue.

It looks like a pretty cool little set and would certainly be easier on little bodies than hard wooden pieces.  Kids could also have fun decorating their furniture with stamps, markers, glue, etc.  The only real drawback is that the set costs $150.

Source: EmmoHome.com, OhGizmo.com