Chainsaw Key Cover -- It's A Guy Thing

This is about as cute as a truly "guy thing" can get. This chainsaw key cover is a fun tribute to those intrepid lumberjacks that harvest our wood. It features two small LED lights to help you find that lock in a dark alley. Chainsaw Key CoverChainsaw Key CoverNot only that, at the simple push of a button it makes that special chainsaw sound. It is music to a tool guy's ears.

The clever design makes use of the jagged key edge to mimic that saw in appearance. The bulk also gives you a little more leverage when dealing with that difficult lock. 

Even the tool gals out there will like this clever novelty key cover.  It is a great way to identify which key opens the tool cabinet, the garage, or even the house.

I'm guessing that it has a great off-label use as a great way to freak out the Chainsaw Key CoverChainsaw Key Covercat with a chain saw noise. Not to mention a good luck charm against the coming zombie apocalypse. One press of that chainsaw noise button will send cats and zombies alike flying for cover

Just think of how cool your old GI Joe would look wielding a kick-ass chainsaw against Gumby and Pokey or taking out that insurgent stronghold built of Legos. Yeah, you read that right. Every now and then you just gotta let your inner child out to play. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

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