Chair Back Coat Hanger Keeps Jackets Close, Clean & Crease-Free

The Chair Back Coat Hanger from Japan's Konna Online Shop is the ultimate way to park your parka on the back of your chair. Why expose your coat to potential theft, transferred perfumes and/or somebody else's pet hair in an unsupervised communal closet when your jacket can rest securely on the back of your chair?

OK, so maybe potential customers for what Google Translate calls the “chair hanger clothing of God” may be a tad germ-phobic but hey: in this age of ebola and antibiotic-resistant superbugs you just can't be too cautious.

Besides, who hasn't found some spurious strands of cat hair on their black cashmere coat as they go to hang it in their own closet... like yuck!

In a possibly more practical and less OCD-related sense, hanging a coat off the back of one's chair is basically an accident waiting to happen. Shift the wrong way and your jacket falls to the floor, almost certainly accruing a few unsightly caster-marks before you know it's fallen.

In addition, chair backs aren't designed to be coat hangers and the hangee risks stretching their coat in a most unfashionable manner. The horror!

The Chair Back Coat Hanger addresses all these issues and more. Once fastened to the back of the chosen chair, the hanger portion is vertically adjustable so longer coast don't drag on the floor. The hanger also adjusts in width, allowing your coat to breathe. There's no chance of staining from oily, dirty or poorly dyed chair backs, and quality construction using ABS plastic, aluminum and “special elastomer” provides a secure, non-slip environment for your no doubt pricey cool-weather covering.

You can order the Chair Back Coat Hanger (or if you prefer, as we do, the “chair hanger clothing of God”) direct from the Konna Online Shop product page. It's priced at 1,680 yen or about $15, tax included.