Chalkboard Tees: Write On!

Move over boring, hum-drum cotton tees - there's a new t-shirt in town! Chalkboard Tees, from Class Attire, are unlike any other shirts you've seen. These little puppies have wearable chalkboards on them!

Chalkboard TeeChalkboard Tee

If your kids love to doodle or are budding artists, now they can write and draw on their very own shirt without getting in trouble!  Just think of the possibilities! Instead of finding that perfect spot to leave your "to do" or chores list, just write the list on their shirt!   No more "I couldn't find it" or "I didn't see it!"    No more excuses!   Plus, you'll cut down on using paper too.

Chalkboard TeeChalkboard Tee

The designers did a great job in designing the tee. The shirt is comfy to wear - the chalkboard is not stiff or hard. The message won't wipe off or smear easily. In order to have a "clean slate," you'll need to purposely erase the message with a damp cloth. And no special chalk is required either.  Regular chalk will work.   And in case you are wondering - each shirt has a little pocket for the chalk. Genius!

Chalkboard TeeChalkboard Tee

The shirts are machine washable. Made in the USA, the tees come in a variety of colors and sizes for both kids and adults. And the chalkboard comes in a variety of fun shapes too - a heart, butterfly, apple and even a tie! The shirts retail for about $35 each.

One thing though - if you scrape your fingernails down the board, do you still get that annoying hair-raising sound? The message is clear - these shirts are just too fun. For "kids" of all ages!

Source and Photos: The Chalkboard Tee

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