Chalktrail: Biking & Art Together At Last!

Who needs bike add-ons that require batteries, flashing lights and complicated parts that require an adult to help? Just strap a Chalktrail onto the back of your kid’s bike or scooter and the art makes itself!




Whoever designed the Chalktrail did a great job making such a simple concept into something accessible for kids of all ages. All a child needs to do is to stretch the stretchy pincer end of the Chalktrail around the center of the bike’s rear wheel, and to load their favorite chalk color onto the chalk holster on the rear. Just ask any parent- The best toys are the ones that kids can use and reload without your help! What might just be the most innovative piece of the Chalktrail’s design is the fact that it is a one-size-fits most bikes creation, which means that the whole family can paint the town red, blue, green and yellow during your next bike ride!




A scooter or bike equipped with Chalktrail really does turn playtime into art time as well, as that “only ride your bike between the end of the street to that light pole” will turn into a rainbow of zig-zag patterns by lunch. I’m sure that kids will get creative with their designs once they master riding in figure eight patterns, while swapping out chalk for a more vibrant piece of roadway art.




As I’ve mentioned before, I never liked chalk toys as a kid mostly due to the way it feels on my hands, but since I enjoyed riding my bike around the neighborhood and drawing, I’m pretty sure that my younger self would’ve appreciated the simple pleasure of dragging along a wide neon green line behind my ride. I’d have been a long green line too, as each piece of Chalktrail chalk lasts a whopping 1.5 miles before running out! It’s a must-have for cul-de-sac bikers everywhere!

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