Animal Lovers! Donate Your Weight In Food To Animal Shelters

Photo via Pedigree®Photo via Pedigree®
There is one social cause that is close to the heart of blogger, Absolutely True: shelter animals. When she heard that the Pedigree® company was no longer sending free food to pet shelters, she decided to do something about it. She is challenging all animal lovers to donate their weight in food through Pedigree, because Pedigree will match the donations to your local shelter. And True will award prizes for making the donations!

True has a regular blog, Absolutely True, where her insight shines on the injustices in society, ones that the rest of us don't often notice or express. The injustice of starvation or intentional euthanization of shelter pets is an injustice that's not subtle, but it is one injustice that we can tilt in favor of the potential victims.

True's a 'little guy' just like most entreprenures and inventors. No, she didn't go through the patent office with her idea, nor did she start a business with it, but she came up with an ingenious win-win solution that a big corporation couldn't refuse. Her entrepreneurial spirit made something happen to solve a problem. We can all learn from that ingenuity, whether inventor or business person.

True's solutions are immediate and observable: Donate food to the hungry animals in your local shelter. Give them food and you give them life.

What will you get?
  • Personal gratification.
  • A tax deduction for the cost of the food you donate.
  • A chance to win a free banner ad for your business on True's web page for an entire month.
  • And a chance to win 1000 Entrecard Credits.

Find out the details at Absolutely True. This contest only lasts through March 2008!

Donate now through Pedigree and select "Donate Food Now."

That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee
Animal Writer


Mar 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Not a fact

This is a great idea and people should do it no matter what the motivation.
The blogger did not confirm that Pedigree ever had a program like describe or that they were canceling it.
This is possibly another email hoax against Pedigree.
Again: it's a great idea to do it anyway, but don't put the blame on Pedigree until it is confirmed.

Mar 3, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

Absolutely great!

It's really nice when somebody goes out of their way to do something good. The blogger behind Absolutely True is to be congratulated and if at all possible, emulated.

Mar 3, 2008
by Lady Bee
Lady Bee's picture

No blame intended...

My information is that Pedigree did have a program at one time It was a promotion and the promotion is no longer on. Pedigree does a lot to support homeless shelters; including providing sponsorship for countless adoption events. So, no on is blaming Pedigree.

Absolutely True just wants to make sure that the donations made by Pedigree in the past, can be picked up by animal lovers. And Pedigree will match them, to boot!

Mar 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Is A Fact, and You Are Offensive.

Anonymous: You posted this on my blog as well and I replied there, and will here as well.

I have contacted Pedigree and they were only able to confirm that they provide a free bag of pet food when people adopt pets at my local shelter. The animal shelter confirmed that they have relied on Pedigree to feed the animals for the past 5 years but that Pedigree is discontinuing that particular program. That is NOT to say that they are not still doing a lot for the shelters, nor did I ever imply that.

The email I received was not a hoax. My local shelter is desperate for food donations.

This promotion was in no way anything AGAINST Pedigree at all, in fact I urge people to use the Pedigree site to send locations because they match those donations. If I had something against Pedigree, would I urge people to buy their pet food?

For you to act as though I had any intentions at all other than to help animals that are in shelters is grossly offensive.