Chammock Original Is The Most Compact And Portable Hammock

Lounging In The Chammock OriginalLounging In The Chammock Original

If you enjoy being outside--playing sports, picnicking, camping, lying in the grass--I'd guess that you've either looked into getting a hammock or already have one. If you're looking into purchasing one, why not go for the portable type. In fact, why not go for Chammock Original, the most portable hammock.

If you can carry a can of soda around, you can carry the Chammock Original. This hammock chair weighs less than a can of Coke and, when packed, is smaller than an iPad Mini. It is also super easy to pack and unpack, set up and disassemble. 

Chammock OriginalChammock Original

Inspired by the bamboo chairs made by the natives of the Phillipines, the Chammock Original was designed to support you as a chair would, not as a typical hammock. In general, traditional hammocks aren't conducive for much of anything besides lying down and lounging. On one hand, that's a wonderfully relaxing pastime; on the other, sometimes you may want to read or eat something, and sitting up is better for those activities.

Carry Chammock AnywhereCarry Chammock Anywhere

You may also want a seat around the campfire. Not only is the Chammock great for relaxing in a seated position, but it won't weigh down your camping pack. It can also be set up just about anywhere. Most portable hammocks need two stable fixtures and about 10-15 feet of space. The Chammock Original only needs about 4 feet of space, and sometimes only one large fixture, from which to hang it, will be enough. 

Chammock Original At The BeachChammock Original At The Beach

The Chammock Original is cut asymmetrically, with the upper side (back support) longer, and the bottom part with less material than traditional hammocks, giving you more support and making it easier to get out of the Chammock. There are also holes in each side, so that you can stick your arms out. 

Made of rip-stop nylon, the Chammock is not only lightweight (10 ounces to be exact), it is durable. It comes with an adjustment strap and two lightweight aluminum carabiners. Chammock can go anywhere with you, and it won't be a hassle to set up. This portable hammock is perfect for camping, hiking, a light read in the park or a nap in the backyard. 

If you are looking for an alternative to the Chammock and interested in something that is more similar to the original hammock with two fixed ends, there are some larger  (about six inches by eight inches) but still portable hammocks on the market. One that I like is the  Outer EQ Portable Hammock. It's available at sporting goods stores and on Amazon here

So do you think the Chammock is a good idea?

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