Champ Boxing Couch Doubles As A Punching Bag

Champ Boxing CouchChamp Boxing Couch

Things that have multiple uses or double for other things are awesome. I mean the Swiss Army Knife is a classic, and many a guest has saved their backs a terrible night's sleep because of the sofa bed. Tobias Franzel's Champs Boxing Couch is one of those two-in-one pieces of furniture, but it's use is more fitness and fun-based than practical.

Sitting On ChampSitting On Champ

Let's say you had a long day at work--one in which your uninvolved boss didn't appreciate all of the hard work you've been doing. You come home, throw your satchel on the couch, then start kicking the crap out of the couch to vent your frustration. With the Champs Boxing Couch, you can do just that, because it's made for just that.

Just fold the back side up and it becomes a punching bag--perfect for venting frustration or just getting in a good workout. It's a great piece for the busy fitness guy who works out at home or the family looking for a fun piece of funiture for the kids to play with. 

You won't find this awesome piece of furniture in stores, but you can check out Tobias Franzel's site for more information.