Champion Supersuit: The Thinnest Weather Suit Ever Developed

I've never actually ventured a jaunt up Everest, but I'd imagine that you want to be as comfortable and mobile as possible, able to exercise great agility in negotiating the foreboding mountain. What you don't want is to be so stuffed with down, fur and Primaloft that you can hardly react to conditions.

Hanesbrands has developed the Champion Supersuit for just this reason. The innovative, performance outerwear uses Zeroloft Aspen Aerogels insulation to drastically thin down the thickness of your outermost layer while providing equal warmth. In fact, the company says that the Supersuit provides four times the warmth of down while remaining svelte and comfortable.

The insulation is actually composed of 99 percent air, which makes it very thin--3 mm thin. According to the press release, the material is the lightest solid on Earth and has been used by oil and gas companies for insulating underwater pipelines.

Aerogel is combined with three other layers: a typical polyester outerlayer that is windproof and breathable, a radiant foil layer that helps keep body heat in and a wicking inner layer designed to pull perspiration off the body and keep the user warm and dry. Hanesbrands displayed the shell at last month's Outdoor Retailer and is working on a pair of pants to work in conjunction with it and create the full Supersuit. 

The Supersuit will undergo testing with a Hanesbrands team on Mt. Everest in the spring. There's currently no word on availibility or price, though the press release states that the first consumer gear influenced by the Everest expedition will hit market in the fall of this year. The term "value-priced" is thrown around, but that's far from a hard price tag.

This looks like a jacket/pants combo that could greatly impact the market. We hope to see more from this one soon. 

Via: Uncooped, Gear Junkie and Press Release