Changing Your Name After Marriage Just Got Easier With I’m A Mrs.!

Congratulations on tying the knot! Now that he's gotten that ring on your finger, you may have decided to change your last name to share it with your new husband. Getting your name changed after saying "I do" is a headache, and that's putting it lightly, so an innovative canadian company, I'm a Mrs. has put together a process that makes changing your name go more smoothly. While you may suffer from identity confusion due to your new role as a wife, after using I'm a Mrs.' services will make sure it doesn't occur because you haven't changed your name.

Unfortunately, after nearly three years of marriage, I still suffer from some minor name confusion; since I'm a Mrs. only launched around Christmas of 2008, I didn't have the luxury of using their services. Changing your name after marriage involves sourcing out the required forms from every government outlet and financial company that has your name on file, then standing in line to present your documentation along with your marriage license to make the name change. To put it quite frankly, changing your name can be a big pain in the ass.

I'm a Mrs. helps you change your name after you get hitched, by providing you with the forms you need to make your name change official. Their standard package, which goes for $29.95 CDN plus GST, includes all copies of government forms needed to change your name, and your choice of any three additional forms from I'm a Mrs. database. The premium package, at $49.95 CDN gives you every name change form under the sun, including government forms, forms or notification letters for financial companies, and the required documentation for a name change with utility companies, mortgage companies, loyalty programs, fitness centers, medical organizations and more. By law, of course the person looking to change their name has to fill out the name change forms, so I'm a Mrs. can't quite do everything for your newly married behind. However, I'm a Mrs. does save you the trouble of running all around town to get the name change forms you need to make that commitment to the man you married.

Once newlyweds have filled out the name change forms provided by I'm a Mrs., they simply have to mail them or present them in person with their marriage license, where required to make the name change official.

If only a useful business like this had been available when I got married; I could have avoided the inevitable period of leading a double life due to the tedious name change process. No word whether I'm a Mrs. is willing to help newlywed grooms change their names after marriage, while it may not yet be common practice, some Mr's are choosing to take on their wife's last name; but maybe the company believes men to do it the hard way, as women have been doing for so many years.