Charge Your Phone With Whatever's Available: Sun, Wind, Electricity

The Kinesis K3 is the perfect companion for the outdoor enthusiast or off-the-grid traveler who happens to enjoy a good MP3 or phone home out in the middle of nowhere. Strap it to a backpack and let the sun provide all the energy you need to keep your gadgets running strong. Sun cowering behind a cloud in anticipation of an oncoming storm? No problem, harness some of that pre-storm wind and keep the battery charging. When you get back to the car, plug it in to your 12 V supply or wait until you get home and plug it in the electrical outlet. It also has a USB adapter. I'd imagine if Kinesis could have safely implemented a nuclear reaction into this charger, they'd have included that too.

The K3 uses a 4000 mAh battery that is able to charge a cell phone about five times and an MP3 player 10 times off of a single battery charge. You'll get about 30 minutes of talk-time with an hour of solar or wind power charging. An LED indicator on the K3 shows how much battery power is left and weatherproof casing protect from the elements that aren't actively producing power.

With this charger, there's no reason that you need to run out of battery life again. Wherever you are and whatever the conditions, you probably have one or two options available to get some juice. Great news if you can't live without your electronics, bad news if you ever try using the excuse that your cell phone battery died when your boss or spouse called.

The 10.5-oz. K3 will be available in June and will retail for $100. (UPDATE: This is now available on Amazon and has some nice reviews.)

Sources: Kinesis and DVICE

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