Charity, Cause Awareness and Fashion Collide With Rosa Loves

We've seen t-shirts that deliver the lesser-known news, and now there's Rosa Loves; a business concept that uses the sale of fashion t-shirts to spread awareness about charitable causes, provide support with proceeds of the sales, and naturally, help wearers look fashionable.

Water the Fields T-ShirtWater the Fields T-Shirt

Each of Rosa Loves' fashionable t-shirts is artistically designed to depict the charitable cause, while looking pretty cool. While the fashion business does donate 60% of their profits from the sale of each t-shirt to the charities, their mission is to spread awareness through fashion. Ideally, when consumers wear their t-shirts purchased from Rosa Loves, people will ask them about the image, or at the very least question where they bought it from, which opens the doors to tell the story about the cause.

Simple Machine T-shirt from Rosa LovesSimple Machine T-shirt from Rosa Loves

While charitable t-shirts may not be new in the fashion or advocacy worlds, Rosa Loves is different; it supports many different charitable causes, and only sells their t-shirts until a specific monetary goal has been reached to further the cause. Currently available for retail from Rosa Loves is the "Mrs. Pearl" t-shirt which supports the Musicians Bunkhouse, an organization that assists the music culture in New Orleans; the "Water the Fields" t-shirt that supports the Hananasif Orphanage in India; the "Simple Machine" charitable t-shirt which pays for the commissioning in recycled bikes, to provide transportation to those who cannot afford alternatives.

Of course, Rosa Loves t-shirts are not produced in sweatshops, and are available in fitted styles for both men and women; so their advocacy for causes spreads even further.

Mrs Pearl Charitable T-ShirtMrs Pearl Charitable T-Shirt

Rosa Loves is the ideal fashion business for any fashion lover looking to support local or international charities; not only do they get to make an attractive fashion addition to their wardrobe, they also get to advocate important charitable causes!