Grenade Christmas Decorations: Pretty, Glittery, And Political


Go no further than Suck UK if you're looking for outrageous.  But the Grenade Christmas Decorations, designed by Dorothy for Ctrl.Alt.Shift, are not outrageous.  The Christmas Tree Grenades are quite serious, a political statement that while some of us are snuggled up in our cozy fleece bathrobes, drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, opening extravagantly wrapped boxes containing items we don't need... all is not well with the world.

But this Christmas, most people in the world are fighting wars, hunger, the destruction of their land and water by climate change or corporate negligence, discrimination, joblessness, poverty through happenstance of birth....  Ctrl.Alt.Shift, an artistically creative group of young social activists, dedicates itself to highlighting injustices internationally through photography, film, print, theatre, dance, and design. 



Partnering with Suck UK, Britain's inimitable producer of both the humorous and seriously absurd in design, Ctrl.Alt.Shift will use the proceeds from its Grenade Decorations to further efforts to call for world attention to the "silent majority."