CharityWait: Donate To A Cause To Skip Restaurant Wait Times

If you're the type that likes to spend your Friday and Saturday nights at the latest restaurant openings, sampling creative culinary delights from the world's top chefs, then you know your love of food warrants a lot of patience. Reservations during prime hours, especially at the city's hottest spots, are as hard to come by as a winning lottery ticket. Foodies know it's just one of those grin and bare it circumstances to which there are no alternatives - at least not before now.

CharityWait is an app that has been developed to offer a solution to the ongoing struggle of getting a restaurant reservation. The business behind it recognizes that when a new restaurant opens, or a popular spot launches new menu items, that there are foodies who just don't want to wait a month for their opportunity to chow down. Diners with personal connections might be able to sneak their way in, but these days even slipping the host/hostess a generous tip is unlikely to land you a table at a busy time.

However, all hope isn't lost. CharityWait takes a more philanthropic approach to the old concept that slipping the host a a twenty will have you dining on drool-worthy tuna tar-tar on a Friday evening. Restaurants that sign up to participate in the initiative have the opportunity to choose a cause of their choice, whether it's relevant to the hospitality industry or not. But rather than simply making their own donations to their charity of choice, they have their patrons make their own contributions.

The idea is that patrons hoping to dine at a participating restaurant make a donation through the CharityWait application on their smartphone. Once the transaction is completed, they are placed in a virtual cue that allows them to skip the reservations and avoid standing on the sidewalk for a nearly endless period of time while waiting for a table to become available. Instead, hungry soon to be patrons can remain wherever they're comfortable while the app notifies them of their place in line, and their likely dining time.

The donations go to great causes - that are provided to the charities in lump sums on a monthly basis -  and the app really relies on the fact that we as a society are becoming more conscientious of the fact that our time is valuable. Wasting it in line just doesn't make sense when there is an alternative that also supports charities tackling some of the big issues that impact our world today.  

CharityWait promises that restaurant wait times and access to reservations will not change due to the use of the app. Diners using the services simply get the perk of doing their waiting their way, while having the knowledge that eventually they'll be dining on the food that they've been craving. 

Via: Food World News