Chasercam Films Your Greatest Sports Action

As great as professionally-filmed outdoor sports footage is, the DIY version often leaves something to be desired. It can be tough to stomach out-of-focus, chronically-shaky, POV footage. It's no better when the subject's little brother is running around with a cheap cell phone video camera trying to film every moment of BMX glory. Luckily for them, there's a delete button.

Luckily for us, designers like Bastian Albinus have a vision for a far more functional, intuitive camera. His self-aware Chasercam is a two part design: the video camera itself and a sensored target. The star of the video wears the target and the videographer (which could also be an inanimate object like a tree) wears the camera, which is conveniently helmet-shaped. The camera senses the target at all times, following it around and filming exactly where it's supposed to. The videographer is then free to concentrate on other things like not smashing into a tree.

Of course, as is always the case with designs, all the details are left to the imagination. From this picture here it appears like the camera zooms right in at the target, providing thrilling footage of the sport star's face while missing any manuevers or background that you'd actually want to record. I'm sure that's not the intent, but that is what it looks like. Another question one is left wondering is how the sensor system works to begin with.


In any case, this design is a very thoughtful solution to shooting better quality home sports videos. Offer it at an entry level price point and I'm sure it would be popular with wannabe video stars.  

Via: Yanko Design