Chasing Spider Webs With Cultural Cobweb Clothing

Cobwebs aren't just for Halloween anymore, at least not according to journalist gone fashion designer who has used ancient cultural traditions to manufacture the unique garment, which hopefully doesn't come with any creepy crawlers included.

While it may seem like a creepy way to make clothing, Zheng Xianwen, a television broadcaster and TV journalist says that his creation of a kind of a shirt or shawl made from 300 spider webs, honors ancient cultural traditions of the Kucong Tribe who have residing in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. While these methods for fabricating fashion are no longer regularly practiced today, cobweb clothing is an important part of their past, when they were not able to afford to purchase other fashion items.

Xiawen claims it took him over 2 days to use ancient methods to design and create this piece of cobweb clothing, and while he's all about preserving ancient tradition, he's not about to blow the ancient secrets so they can be adopted by the rest of the modern world!

Via: The Daily Weird