Chauffeurs For The Barbie In You: Pink Ladies Safe Taxi Service For Women

Women in the UK are attacked on a monthly basis when traveling by licensed taxi service around urban centers and rural settings. Based on these statistics, a female owned UK company that calls themselves the Pink Ladies identified their niche and launched a business that focuses upon the unique transportation needs of women with a specific emphasis on safety.

While some aspects of Pink Ladies are somewhat frivolous and flashy, like the Barbie pink vehicles that are characteristic of the taxi service and the bubblegum pink shirts worn by the female taxi drivers, other important aspects that make them unique and successful are based entirely on practicality. Unlike many taxi services that require you to wait outside your pickup location, or wait for your doorbell to ring to announce that your chauffeur has arrived where your personal safety could be compromised, Pink Ladies taxi service sends a text message upon arrival. Their female taxi drivers are also trained in self-defense and will escort their clients to and from the front doors of their homes and make sure that they get in safely.

While the pink cars are a great marketing tool and reinforce the Pink Ladies exclusively feminine image, they also do serve a purpose. By attracting so much attention, perpetrators are less likely to attack their clients because the risk of getting caught is too great. Plus, they do help women obtain their childhood dreams of a Barbie lifestyle when being chauffeured in the bubblegum pink cars.

Via: The Succulent Wife

Apr 24, 2009
by Anonymous


already exist in the countries that women is very covered in. I forgot what country that service is in.

May 5, 2009
by Anonymous

They're not for ALL women

They're not for ALL women though, as Pink Ladies have gone on record in pointing out to a national UK newspaper that they will not serve transsexual women - even those who are post-op and legally female. Shame; not least because for one thing, trans women are statistically the most likely to be attacked and also, Pink Ladies are actually breaking the law by discriminating against transsexual women who hold a Gender Recognition Certificate.