Cheap Chinese Pickup Truck Channels Cadillac's Expensive Escalade

The Shanxi Victory X1 pickup truck looks like a Cadillac Escalade EXT – sorta – but we're guessing even Chinese rappers won't touch this cheap crew cab in a Caddy knock-off wrapper.

If the powers that be at Cadillac have an opinion on the Shanxi Victory X1, they're keeping it to themselves but one might assume they're keeping GM's legal beagles firmly leashed – the General does decent business in China (mainly via the Buick brand) and that's one ship the corporate clique does NOT want to rock.

Besides, Shanxi Victory Group has been copying the Cadillac look for some time: the GHT6400 minivan (above) made by Shanxi subsidiary Guizhou Hangtian Chenggong Automobile features a very Caddy-ish nose tacked onto a standard Chinese minivan body. If you've ever wondered what a Cadillac minivan might look like, be prepared to be disappointed.

As reported by Car News China, the Shanxi Victory X1 and its minivan cousins are no substitute for a gen-you-whine Cadillac as they're all show and no go. Well, ALMOST none – the four-door truck is powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.4 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine putting out 136hp and working through a five-speed manual transmission.

Those precious ponies have their work cut out for them trying to propel the pickup's 3,626 lbs (1,645 kg) along China's highways and byways. Those garish and utilitarian reflective tape stripes, by the way, are required under Chinese law to improve visibility on rural roads where overhead lighting (and accidents) are hit or miss.

Not to evoke comparisons with Cadillac's late and unlamented Cimarron, the Shanxi Victory X1 measures 202.5 x 68 x 67.3 inches (5,145 x 1,730 x 1,710mm) and rolls on a 119-inch (3,025mm) wheelbase. Compared to the posh Cimarron, however, the pickup's interior is spartan to say the least: the dash's center console features a  heater/fan cluster, a radio-CD audio system... and that's it!

So what does one pay for a Caddy-nosed crew-cab pickup lodged firmly in economy mode? Try 68,000 yuan or roughly $10,950. Unlike the Shanxi Victory X1, that's not too shabby!