A Cheap Social Media Shopping Network (Just In Time) For The Holidays!

With the holidays fast approaching, the team at blinkx.com has developed a new social shopping network, with a few extra bells and whistles than some of the others noted in my previous post  titled, "Top Ten Social Shopping Networks (Just In Time) For The Holidays." A great tool for not only comparison shopping but also an opportunity to share your shopping experiences with like-minded shoppers in the Cheep community.

With a browser add-on, Cheep provides users with alerts when they're searching for a specific product and allows them to determine the best deals by displaying current and accurate price comparisons across the Web. All done in real-time, the platform also surfaces reviews and ratings for the merchandise and/or gift items under consideration. Currently the site has indexed approximately 200 of the Internet's largest and  most credible retailers including Amazon, BestBuy and Walmart.

After users download the browser add-on which is currently available with Internet Explorer and Firefox for Macs and PCs, they can start shopping immediately. To build one's following, the network has API interfaces with both Facebook and Twitter. Cheep then appears as a small bar at the top of one's screen when community members start searching product pages. It's also embedded into the product search results page as a highlighted link.

As a participating community member, Cheep makes it easy to share your shopping experiences with others. Similar to Facebook's LIKE button functionality, the network keeps all the shares within the network. So, for instance, when one browses, purchases, likes and/or reviews with the community,  they can interact with other members and comment on their activity as well.

According to their press release,  "Bargain-hunters, social networking fiends and product experts will find themselves right at home on Cheep, along with consumers who just want to make sure they're getting the best deal."

There is no fee for the service and while still in beta, the service is open to all users in the United States.

Blinkx, based in San Francisco and London is the parent company and claims to be the world's largest and most advanced "video" search engine. The company has indexed more than 35 million hours of audio, video, viral and TV content.

For other social media shopping services for the holidays, check out Groupon's and JungleCents' online shopping deals.

Shopping online for the Holidays!Shopping online for the Holidays!

Oct 28, 2010
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Oct 28, 2010
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