Cheaper Than Solar and Better Than Gas: The New Neuton CE 6 Lawn Mower

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Around here the rain has not fallen in weeks. This is why the grass remains short, but the rain will come and when it does it will pour and the grass will grow tall quickly, which will mean, time to mow. Fortunately, there is one more planet-friendly lawnmower on the market to consider using when you mow your lawn.   

This new planet-friendly lawnmower is called the Neuton CE 6. The Neuton CE 6 has a removable and rechargeable 36 Volt, 10-amp battery. The lawnmower is suitable for mowing lawns up to 1/3 acre (about 15,000 sq. ft.) in size on a single charge.  Fully charged and depending on the conditions, the battery runs up to one hour at a time, but if you buy the optional additional battery you can switch it with the drained battery and keep mowing. Optional accessories include: safety key, an edger/trimmer that attaches to the mower to edge while you mow the lawn, a spare battery and a lawn striper. It comes with a catcher bag and a side discharge chute.

With proper care the rechargeable battery can last for five years. When the battery life is done 95% percent of the battery can be recycled. The battery takes about 12 hours to recharge. It' a long time, but if you charge it while you sleep at night you can wake up the next day and the mower is fully charged for you to mow your lawn early in the morning. Unfortunately, this sounds like if you forget you will either have to charge all day and mow late in the evening or wait until the next day.

Like any other electric lawnmower the Neuton CE 6 runs quietly, but because it holds a rechargeable battery no cord or extension cord are needed while mowing the lawn. Also there "is no gas or oil to spill and no engine emissions to pollute the air."

How much does it cost? It isn't cheap. The Neuton CE 6 will cost you $399 and that isn't including the optional accessories. So, it is a bit pricey, but in all honesty that is how much a good quality (the key word here is: quality) gas mower will cost you if you want to keep it running for many years. My neighbor has had his gas lawnmower for 15 years. It is just now starting to break down on him beyond affordable worthwhile repair. He has been considering a new lawnmower. Maybe I should refer him to the Neuton CE 6. What do you think? (See Neuton)


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