CheapTweet Is This Holiday Season's New Black!

The current state of the economy has made many of us rethink our previous 'conspicuous consumption' habits. Today with the help of social media we have new tools available that allow us to purchase the items we really want at an equitable price. Sites like CheapTweet and its crowdsourced feature has found a way to turn our cheap tweets into microbloggin' billboards for the entire Twitterverse to share.

CheapTweet is a search engine that scours Twitter for the best deals, bargains, sales and coupons. They rate deals based on user votes and how frequently they appear in Twitter conversations. It uses tweets to determine the most talked about deals and filters out the best.

CheapTweet has indexed more than 1,500,000 deals and according to their press its picking up more than 13,500 new deals a day - or more than 800 deals each hour - and expects say those tallies will rise as Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaches.

"This is the first 'Twitter holiday,' " said Hayes Davis, Founder and CEO of Appotize, the parent of CheapTweat. "This is the time where people are going to leverage this tool and the real-time nature of it."

Jenn Davis is CCE, or chief of community experience, for Cheaptweet, which uses a finely tuned mix of their own algorithm and Twitter to compete in the social-shopping arena. culls Twitter feeds for deals and discounts on clothing, electronics and various services, searching for every coupon, discount and freebie in the Twitterverse and amassing them for users to pore over in real-time.

In this YouTube vid, Jenn and and her husband Hayes Davis talk about "cheap as the new black" Hayes & Jenn DavisHayes & Jenn Davisand how CheapTweet is "trying to take cheap back," in an economy that requires all of us to watch our pennies...

How does it work?
CheapTweet lets users rate deals by saying It's Cheap (it's a good deal) or It's Lame (it's not a good deal). Deals move to the Cheapest Tweets section if they get enough votes.

But that's not all... CheapTweet also uses the power of Twitter. If lots of people talk about a deal, the site will track that too and that contributes to a deal getting on the Cheapest Tweets list. Spammers beware though, they are filtering you out. When repetitive tweets are detected, the ranking for those deals can be diluted or deleted all together.

Their search feature is also a time saver. Lots of people post Internet deals on Twitter they know about. But if you don’t follow that person you might never come across that tweet. So let’s say you need some new Levi jeans. All you have to do is enter "Levi jeans coupon codes" into the search line and immediately you could be linked to tweets with a 20 -30% coupon code.

According to a November 25 New York Times review: "Keep an eye on CheapTweet ... the company has revved up its services for Black Friday and is highlighting Black Friday deals as they come into the system."

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Happy Holiday Shopping and don't forget to keep it cheap!

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