Check Out NASA’s Top LEGO Creations From The “Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth Competition!”

Earlier this year, NASA and LEGO teamed up for two contests that ignited the imaginations of anyone with an idea of the sorts of new vehicles that we might see in orbit in the near future. Let’s take a peek at the winners!


Taking first prize is “Hoshpup’s” Sunbeam, an interesting dual-rocket design sporting an array of sensors and other important electronic equipment. I wonder if NASA will cut the model maker a check when we see actual Sunbeams taking astronauts to Mars?

 LEGO Asteroid InitiativeLEGO Asteroid Initiative

The two runner-ups are “Epic185’s” LEGO Asteroid Initiative, and “VoyagerAdastra’s” Oracom. I’m going to assume that the Astroid Initiative would be used to either scan asteroids for informational data, or warn humanity about the “Big One” that we all should be on our collective toes about. As for Oracom, it is certainly an artistically modern take on the classic satellite, and I really like how the designer incorporated the translucent blue pieces. Great job, everyone!


As an added bonus, here are the two winners of the “Inventing the Future of Flight” contest, where builders were tasked to invent designs that would serve as prototypes for future aircraft. The winner of the 13-18 category was “Wnodvik’s” FE-400 Fishing Eagle and the all-ages champion was Claessundstrom’s Hydrogen Powered Regional Airliner. Both planes look sleek, sharp, aerodynamic and fantastic all around, and I’ll place an order for the first one that is available in plum purple.

FE-400 Fishing EagleFE-400 Fishing Eagle

Congratulations to all of the winners, and be sure to stay tuned for the next big LEGO and NASA themed innovations, contests and goodies!

 Hydrogen Powered Regional AirlinerHydrogen Powered Regional Airliner

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