Checker It Out! 2016 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar

Uber schmuber, the 2016 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar showcases a dozen of the Big Apple's iconic, laconic but never catatonic yellow cab drivers – one for each month of the upcoming year. 

“You Lookin' At Me?”

Yeah, we are! Created by Philip and Shannon Kirkman, the 2016 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar takes the traditional pinup calendar beyond the grimy auto repair garage walls or fly-specked gas station restrooms... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Call Me A Caballero

Each professionally shot photo features a genuine New York City cabbie – and they're not ALL guys, by the way – posed alluringly with their moneymaker. That would be their taxi... what did you think we meant? Anyway, Uber might be the modern era's self-styled ride sharing service but when it comes to captivating calendars, NYC's finest meter-men (and women) leave 'em in the dust!

Pretty Fare

According to the website, a portion of each calendar sale will go to NYC-based University Settlement, America's oldest settlement house established in 1886. University Settlement serves over 30,000 immigrants, working individuals and families each year, providing basic services including quality education, housing, and literacy programs.

Wanna Meter?

You can order your very own 2016 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar direct from the product page. If you're buying one (or more) for holiday gift-giving, be aware that orders are shipped within 2 to 4 business days. U.S. orders placed by December 19th will arrive before Christmas, barring any delay attributable to the USPS – you know, the “through wind and rain and sleet etc” folks. Pricing at press time was $14.99 per calendar.