Checker This Out: McLaren P1 Taxi Trolls Taiwan Travelers

As if supercar police vehicles aren't enough, some well-heeled car-owner in Taiwan wants us to believe their pricey McLaren P1 trolls the streets of Taiwan picking up paying fares. I want to believe!

Credit supercar fan extraordinaire and automotive Facebook presence Wesley Cars Photography with capturing the improbable uber-taxi... can we say that without cabbies everywhere blowing a head gasket?

The supercar paparazzo received the owner's permission to snap the images accompanying this post, though the Big Mac's driver stayed securely in the shadows. Obviously he/she doesn't mind the car – and ONLY the car – being the star.

As to WHY anyone would de-dignify a vehicle listing for US$1.35 million (US$1.6 million when optional features from McLaren Special Operations are included) with a roof-mounted TAXI sign is anyone's guess.

Certainly the owner wasn't in an explanatory mood that day, content to let the world wonder why one of a limited edition of 375 vehicles appeared to have taken on one of the toughest jobs around.

One would hope at least that affixing the TAXI sign to the Volcano Yellow P1's roof didn't involved screws, superglue, drilling or all of the above – ouch!

In any case, anyone wanting to flag down the supercar, er, supercab will need more than a wave of the hand or a fancy app: since no phone number or other contact info is displayed on the P1's rooftop sign, we'll just have to assume the driver isn't interested in playing fare. (via World Car Fans and GTspirit)