Chedds: One Fare Restaurant Serves Up Comfort Food In Grilled Cheese!

We've seen restaurants that deal exclusively in mac ‘n cheese and PB&J, and now there's another fantastic new restaurant that serves a different type of food. Care to render a guess? No, well then just read on to find out.

Grilled Cheese RestaurantGrilled Cheese Restaurant

Chedds is the name of this restaurant that just serves one type of food, and that's grilled cheese. This classic comfort food does come with a twist, however. The Austin, Texas restaurant has some classic melt combinations, as well as some more unique varieties of mouth watering sandwich. Many items on the menu have unique names like "The Heartburn" which contains horseradish, cheddar, roast beef, onion, sauerkraut, spicy mustard on a white roll; or "The Farmer in the Dill", a vegetarian option with farmer's cheese, dill havarti, green pepper, pesto, tomato, relish and marble rye bread. For those patrons who can't find something appealing that's already available on the menu, they can create their own grilled cheese combination selecting from dozens of cheeses, toppings and breads.


It's an interesting trend how all of the restaurants popping up with the focus on individual food items have a focus on America's favorite comfort foods. What will be next?


Oct 1, 2009
by Anonymous

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