Cheese Filtered Cigarettes: Great Idea?

Please don't throw your cigarette butts in the urinal. It makes them soggy and hard to light. ~Author Unknown

The motivation behind Patent # US3243,948, the Cheese-Filter Cigarette is sort of understandable, especially by the standards of another smoky time and place. The well-intentioned inventor believed with all his nicotine-infested heart and soul that people were not enjoying their cigarettes enough and smoking more because filters were not porous enough to effectively filter tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke. He somehow came to the conclusion (perhaps over a claret and some Ceasar salad?) that cheese would make a very efficient, not to mention tasty, tobacco filter.


According to specifications, this filter works best when hard cheese such as Parmesan, Romano or Swiss cheeses are used. This is necessary in order for the smoke to pass freely through the strange blend of particles. Aged cheddars and other hard cheeses may also be used, particularly if they are partially dehydrated to facilitate grating.

The recipe is sort of as follows, but do so at your own risk. Grate the cheese into small pieces and then mix thoroughly with one-third part charcoal. The charcoal helps absorb cheese oil and keeps the cheese filter from becoming rancid and odorous before it reaches your lips.
Over the years, there have been inventions concerning the now almost extinct and very taboo art of smoking. Consider Body Beauty’s interesting piece, "Smoking Jacket For the Polite Smoker" and the anonymous article, “Mi Cigarrillo My Cigarette - Electronic Cigarette” .