Cheetos Cheeseburger Corn Puffs Are One Slick Snack

Frito-Lay Japan's Cheetos Cheeseburger flavored corn puffs offer fast-foodophile snackers the glorious taste of hot, juicy cheeseburgers without the time, trouble and expense of cruising their local drive-thru.

You'd think the dream team of product planners at Frito-lay Japan would have their hands (and mouths) full trying to come up with new and original flavors for their Doritos brand, so give 'em max props for keeping sister-brand Cheetos similarly fresh, interesting and of course delicious.

With Cheetos Cheeseburger, the challenge was to embody the mouthwatering juiciness of a sizzling, hot-off-the-grill, loaded with toppings cheeseburger in a dry, crispy, seasoned corn puff. Frito-Lay thinks they succeeded – the product page describes the taste of Cheetos Cheeseburger as being “patty juicy”.

As salacious as that may sound (especially if you're girl named Patty), The snack-maker's food chemists did all they could to infuse “deep bite cheese flavor” complemented by undertones of tomatoes and pickles into each and every cheesy puff... or Cheesy Poof, if your name's Eric Cartman.

They may never replace an honest to goodness cheeseburger oozing honest to goodness patty juices but on the bright side, they won't ooze any such liquids on your keyboard. (via The Impulsive Buy)