Cheetos Cream Stew Corn Puffs Are Comfort Food In A Bag

Making cream stew with Cheetos? That's weird Making Cheetos flavored like cream stew, Japan's favorite wintertime comfort food? Still weird but in a crunchy, creamy, delicious kind of way!

Cream stew in Japan, these days anyway, is made much like beef stew, hashed beef or curry: from blocks of “mix” melted into a boiling pot of meat and vegetables. The result is usually better than one might expect, depending on the brand of stew mix and the quality of the meats and veggies used.

Now Frito-Lay Japan has captured the essence of hearty Japanese cream stew in their newest snack flavor, Cheetos Cream Stew. Even if you can't read the language, the bubbling pot of creamy yumminess on the bag acts as a workable translation.

According to Frito-Lay Japan, Cheetos Cream Stew corn puffs combine the sweetness of corn flavor with the classic creamy goodness of cream stew. Added bonus: a pleasing crunchy texture most stew-eaters won't experience otherwise unless they forget to de-bone the meat before cooking.  

Frito-Lay Japan also invites snackers to enjoy the taste of Cheetos Cream Stew to the point where it becomes habit-forming. That's nice of them but also a bit cruel:  Cheetos Cream Stew corn puffs are scheduled for official retail release on December 2nd of 2013 and are only to be sold until March 31st of 2014. Wise habitual snackers had best order mass quantities now to prevent withdrawal symptoms later.