ChefCharger Brings Stylish Charging Hubs To Restaurants

It’s safe to say that many of us are attached to our phones. We use them to keep in touch with people constantly, check basketball scores, and share videos and photos with one another. But with this increase in use comes one glaring problem, we feel completely lost when our phone is dying and we have to make crucial decisions such as, “Do I use the last 5% of my battery to Instagram this awesome meal?”

Well, ChefCharger wants to help alleviate that stress for you. ChefCharger is a new company offering discreet, stylish options for charging your electronic devices while at a restaurant. We're not talking mere outlets, however, but instead functional items that double as a charger. The company offers three mainstays for restaurants. The most basic one is a charging port that holds your salt and pepper shakers. They are wooden and will fit in with basically any type of restaurant.

There are also candle holders available in brushed aluminum with a tree design that allows light to pass through. While they are very stylish, hopefully we'll see more design options for this one in the future that allow for use in different types of restaurants.

The most functional design, however, is definitely the bamboo drink coasters that contain the charging cord in the side of the coasters. They are waterproof and will fit the decore of any establishment. If you're looking for unique designs for your restaurant (or house!) ChefCharger will also custom make items for all of your needs.

While some of these items are a bit on the pricey side, they can help differentiate yourself from the plethora of other restaurants and bars available for patrons to choose from and, hopefully, make up the cost quickly. While there are charging devices for public use currently on the market, none have been as stylish as these. If you'd like to find out more about ChefCharger, make sure to check out their website!


Photos courtesy of ChefCharger

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