The Chem 3000 - A Holiday Toy For Adults. Merry Chemsmas!

In many respects, growing up sucks. Bills, work and responsibilities tend to drain the fun out of holidays, replacing awesome Christmas toys with socks and shirts. But for those that want a little more bang for their buck this Christmas, the Thames & Kosmos Chem 3000 chemistry set delivers!


We’re often told that we should “grow out” of wanting toys and instead desire more sensible things for Christmas – sleek electronic gadgets, DVD and Blu-ray movies or appliances for our homes. While all of these items can make great gifts and even be enjoyable to own, they lack the pure joy that comes with a toy opened on Christmas morning.


Fortunately, Thames & Kosmos is in the business of producing a line of science kits that are not only educational, but fun as all get out. The Chem 3000 in particular is an “advanced level chemistry experiment kit” that not only delivers basic experimentation but lets user learn about fuels, combustion, and all basic chemical reactions.

Alcohol burners: fun and potentially explosive!Alcohol burners: fun and potentially explosive!


In addition to a laundry list of chemicals and apparatus, including an alcohol burner, the Chem 3000 also comes with a 176 page instruction manual and safety equipment to keep your eyebrows where they should be – on your face.


The kit documentation indicates that it is a good primer for high school and college level chemistry, but we’d be leery of letting anyone under 18 anywhere near this scientific wonder. Not only do chemicals abound, but also the potential for large and potentially satisfying explosions.


With a name like CHEM 3000, which almost lends itself to having an number of exclamation marks trailing it whenever it is written, and a full complement of chemistry-fueled fun, this Thames & Kosmos kit is a great buy for a budding adult scientist that is looking for something more fun, more engaging, and maybe just a bit more dangerous for Christmas this year.


Interested in get a jump-start on your career as a mad scientist? Buy the “CHEM 3000!!!” at Amazon.



Source: Thames and Kosmos



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