Chemical Evolution: Body Product Company For The Caffeine Addict

If the first thing you think when you wake up is "where's that caffeine" and can't seem to open your eyes until you've had a few healthy doses, you might want to look at some alternative products to give you that pick me up. Chemical Evolution is a company focused on delivering that caffeine fix in different forms.

Recently I showed you a company that creates breakfast foods infiltrated with caffeine, so you don't only need to get your fix with a cup of coffee. Now, there's also Chemical Evolution which makes a series of different products that don't even need to be consumed. Chemical Evolution does make some typical caffeinated products like energy drinks, mints and gum; but the most interesting products in their line are the caffeinated body washes, body lotions, soaps and lip balms. Since most people start their day in the shower anyways, they can find themselves energized before the coffee maker even finishes making its first cup of joe!

Chemical Evolution is a company created with the caffeine addicted in mind, and what a market that is!