Chemo Beanies: Stylish Head Coverings For Women With Cancer

One of the ways that women define themselves is through their hair. It is a major part of their individual identity. It is part of the reason that the Nazis often shaved the heads of women in concentration camps. For women Chemo Beanie -- The RitaChemo Beanie -- The Ritaundergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss it compounds trauma upon trauma. Scarfs can be slippery and unstable and wigs can be uncomfortable and strange-looking. However, the love of two sisters has led to the creation of an additional option -- the Chemo Beanie.

The company, started in January 2011, is a family-owned enterprise that came about after first one and then another sister were faced with breast cancer and the loss of all of their hair. They discovered the difficulty in losing an important part of their identity and femininity. They also discovered that the search for a decent head covering was frustrating and unsatisfying.  When the second sister was diagnosed, the first one, Angelle Albright, took up the challenge to create a decent, comfortable, secure, and feminine head covering.

Chemo BeanieChemo BeanieTo be cliché, they say that necessity is the mother of invention. The result of this labor of love was the Chemo Beanie -- a flirty, sassy, feminine head coveriing. The design is meant to give a woman the feeling of having hair while covering comfortably and completely, and staying in place. The fabrics used are soft and pretty, and come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures so that they can be coordinated with any wardrobe. Above all they are more fashionable than turbans and other beanies that did nothing to restore the look and feel of being feminine. The aim of the Chemo Beanie is to take the "Burden out of Baldness."

The beanie comes in one standard size that fits most women. If you purchase one and it doesn't fit properly, the company will gladly refund your purchase. Each beanie is named for a woman that the sisters have known who have battled breast cancer -- including themselves.

Chemo Beanie Bridal VeilChemo Beanie Bridal VeilThe company has also done some custom work -- such as a veil for a bride undergoing chemo. The beautiful result covered her baldness completely, was comfortable, and absolutely gorgeous. Wearing a wig and veil at your wedding can be difficult. A friend of mine did and when her groom when to move the veil away from her face the whole kit fell off on the floor. She gamely picked it up, put it back on her head, and moved on, but it was not exactly the high point of her wedding.

Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the company has introduced a promotion to support breast cancer awareness. For a limited time when someone orders a regular priced beanie they will receive a pink beanie made of special UV protection athletic fabric. Limit one per customer. All year round a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Chemo Beanies goes toward breast cancer research.

Some of the most exciting news for the company is that they have been chosen as a finalist in a contest where they were able to pitch their product to Wal-Mart. Albright's pitch reduced the judges to tears as she told the story of how the beanies came to be. ABC World News has been following the story.

Angelle Albright and her beloved sister (You Tube Image)Angelle Albright and her beloved sister (You Tube Image)

While Chemo Beanies were designed for women losing their hair to chemotherapy, there are other women out there who might also find the product helpful, such as women suffering from alopecia. I am considering ordering one for myself. I don't have cancer or alopecia, but I have seriously thinning hair (a genetic trait) and am tiring of my hefty selection of bandanas. A Chemo Beanie could be just the thing to spruce up my look!

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Sep 22, 2013
by DebbyBruck
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Wigs can be extremely

Wigs can be extremely beautiful and flattering. However, these beanie designs look comfortable, comforting and beautifying for many women with or without a cancer diagnosis. Blessings, Debby