Don't Stick Your Used Gum Under the Table. Give It To This Guy! Chewed Up Gum Art

Bish Bam BoeBish Bam Boe

GumArt was born from thousands of hours of chewing and spreading. Since 1998, Jamie Marraccini at has given gum enthusiasts around the world something to look at and enjoy. Yes, that's right, he makes art from chewed up gum.

Hands on SticksHands on Sticks

From the site, the artist gives his statement on why he does this type of art: "Over the years I've jawed most of what the world has to offer, I believe gum is a smile waiting to be given away, and I've created 30 works totaling more than 35,000 pieces of gum. I've now come to the realization that the gum justifies the art. The fun is in the chewing and the art is an expression of the fun. Just remember, gum is not chewed for health or sustenance. People chew gum for pleasure. It is in that spirit that GumArt exists, and I am a spreader of gum."


Some of these pieces use anywhere from 127 pieces of chewed up gum to 4,212 pieces. That's alot of gum!

And if you want to try your own gum art, the artist has created a site called Chew by Numbers where you can actually buy a kit to do it yourself.


When asked if he handles other people's gum with gloves, he says no because he doesn't work with fresh gum. He likes to let it age a little and sometimes you can tell someone has bad hygiene because the gum will start to rot. Umm, ew?

Fiesta de HuevosFiesta de Huevos

As for the gum that stays the freshest? He uses Bubbalicious and Fruit Stripe gum. He tries to do a project in a month when he works on it full time, but usually tries to finish one large project per year.

Wedding DayWedding Day



It Takes A Very Steady HandIt Takes A Very Steady Hand


Dot Your EyesDot Your Eyes



Is anyone out there willing to donate any chewed up gum to this artist? This does make me wonder what he does with the bits of food that are left in the gum. Or is that all just part of the artwork?

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Source: gumart


May 17, 2008
by Anonymous

now i know...

so this is what obama fans do in their spare time.


May 19, 2008
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture


This is so nasty and cool all at the same time. I love it. My kind of art. Weird