CHEWGARS! A Dog Might Think He's Humphrey Bogart

If you love old movies, then you know what Humphrey Bogart did for the cigar. He made it into fashion for the tough guys, the fast talkers, the don't-mess-with-me's of the 1940's and early 50's.  So too, this English bull dog named Sam could be the fashion setter for the tough barkin' dog.  "Hey babe, lets go to the burbs t'night and chase some cats up some telephone poles."

Sam is not actually the mascot for Chewgars; the mascot is a handsome hunk himself, a Samoyed.  But face it, whoever hangs one of these Chewgars from his canines is gonna' look cool.  

Chewgars are the creations of Flora & Hurd Inc., who also make Voodoo Chews® and Ugly Bones™.  The company exports the 100 percent American beef-hide -- pesticide and preservative free -- to Mexico to be hand-rolled, and then has them sent back to Greensboro, North Carolina to be packaged. That wooden box? It's authentic too, straight from the Dominican Republic.  Do you think I'm pulling your leg?



Flora & Hurd has a sense of humor, as you may have guessed. Here is the "black box" warning for the Chewgars box: "Supervised use recommended. This product contains no tobacco, causes no bark defects and may contribute to excessive tail wagging." 

Also, a great couple of advertising posters:




Six rawhide Chewgars in three flavors (chicken, liver, and beef) are packed up in a ceegar box.  Buy a box; you never know when you're going to have to charm some tough guy off your lady dog.

Chewgars can be found at pet boutique and gift shops, but I found mine at a cigar store.  Honest.


That's the buzz for today!



May 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Not Humphrey

Edward G. Robinson, not Humphrey Bogart, used the cigar as an acting prop. So, no cigar for you, Lady Bee.


May 24, 2009
by Lady Bee
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Check out his movies :)  Check out his bio :)


Besides,  HB was sexy :)