Chews Your Underwear with Xylish Chewing Gum

Chew Xylish gGum, win wacky underwear!Chew Xylish gGum, win wacky underwear!
In what can only be described as a "brief" promotion, the makers of Japan's popular Xylish chewing gum are giving away 10,000 pairs of wild & wacky underwear.  Now there's an alternative to sourcing your pants/panties from a vending machine!

Meiji is one of Japan's top candy & confectionery makers and business couldn't be sweeter. The company's "Xylish" chewing gum with xylitol, a tooth-friendly sugar substitute, is a big hit but apparently not big enough as Meiji's latest wacky promotion indicates. I've written about Japan's weird chewing gums before, but Xylish extends the weirdness to the marketing end of things. 

Wear a prize above your thighs!Wear a prize above your thighs!

The path to the top of the rock candy mountain evidently leads from underneath... your waistline, that is. Want to win some wacky undies? First buy some Xylish xylitol gum.

"Happy Anniversary, Honey!""Happy Anniversary, Honey!"
Here's how it works - find the numerical promo code inside a pack or plastic tub of Xylish xylitol gum - look for the red briefs-shapped icon on the label. Then visit the dedicated website and type in the code.

Select from mens underwear or women's hipster panties, note your preferred size & pattern (and there are 30 to choose from, including infamous Number 21, "Gas"), and input your contact info. If you're one of 10,000 winners of the draw conducted this December, start checking the mailbox for your new shorts! (via Japan Marketing News)
Aug 21, 2008
by Anonymous

"I keep the peace of breath!"

Just look at No28 - American Comic (Left side, 4th from the top)
Their mascot makes quite a bold statement about their product...