Chic Cyclist Couture Hits The Runways As A Fashion Trend For Fall 2009

Cyclists have forever relied on spandex clothing and bright, fitted fashions; but now cyclist fashion is stepping off the race course and onto the fashion runways for fall 2009. Watch out bikers, whether your fashion choices were for function or style, you're about to be one step ahead of the latest trend!

Top designers like Alexander Wang, Miu Miu, Prada, Micheal Kors, and Abaete are embracing a sporty new style, as they recently showcased in their fashion shows with upcoming styles for fall 2009. The main feature in all of these fashions is the classic biker short look, with its tight, lean and above the knee style. Like the tight trend of the spring and seasons earlier, the biker short fashion is designed to be layered, and some designers and taking the cyclist-chic trend to the next level by incorporating tops from the Tour De France color palate.


What do you think about these biker-chic styles? Should they remain on those ready to pedal their way to the finish line, or are they well-suited on the runways?

Via: TrendHunter