Chic Dress Has Internal Nervous System That Responds To Touch


We all know that in fashion sometimes it's simply about the look that generates hype. Not all fashion Tendril Nervous System DressTendril Nervous System Dressitems are designed to hit the streets, and some will not even appear on any runway because their artistic and innovative designs are strictly for show. The latest has a unique function which may not be practical, but it sure is worth talking about.

A chic dress with an internal nervous system just seems like something from a science fiction movie, doesn't it? Well, with a modern yet chic design, the Tendrils dress made in collaboration by designers Thecla Schiphorst a real theatrical costume, which has no purpose other than to impress, but it's very real. The octopus-like tentacles respond to touch and cause the colorful scales on the dress to shiver.

The coolest part of all is that there is even a virtual function to make the dress react, so even if you can't check it out in purpose you can appreciate it. Why would you want to? Well, sometimes you can marvel just because.

Via: FashionTech