Chicken Ramen Chips: Two Awesome Snacks, One Bag

Chicken Ramen Chips from Japan's Koikeya combine the flavors of two awesome snacks – chicken ramen and potato chips – in one convenient bag but hold the hot water: just open, sprinkle the included baggie of seasoning powder over the chips, shake gently and settle down to enjoy!

The 55th anniversary of instant chicken ramen will be celebrated this coming August and we can expect a giant styrofoam bowl of ramen-related products to hit store shelves in response. Several generations of snackers, gamers and students have got a lot to look forward to, beginning March 4th when bags of Koikeya Chicken Ramen Chips hit store shelves for a limited time.

Give Koikeya credit for not taking the easy way out by simply flavoring run-of-the-mill potato chips. They might taste good but come on: part of the joy of instant ramen is the minimal preparation required to reconstitute it. Could this memorable experience be reproduced without noodles or hot water? Yes, yes it can!

Well, kind of: a small bag of “choigu” powder is included in each 67gm (2.36oz) bag. Snackers simply open the bag, sprinkle the powder over the chips, fold the open end of bag closed and gently shake to distribute the powder over the chips. That's all there is to it, as the slight oiliness of the potato chips retains just enough powder to provide the ideal level of chicken ramen flavor.

Koikeya's Chicken Ramen Chips are a limited edition release only available in Japan from March 4th through April 13th of 2013. They'll be sold by the bag or in special house-shaped boxes containing five 25gm bags each. Ramen-lovin', chip-chompin' snackers should buy in bulk now rather than having to let 'em go later because man, they're gone. (via Gigazine and OKWave)