Child Love Dolls: Creepy Pedophile Prevention Business

Despite their best intentions to appear "normal" and do social good, there are some businesses that are just creepy. If I've said that before (which over the years I've had the pleasure of writing this column, I'm sure I have), this one has to be the most "unusual" of the group. Now isn't that a scary thought, considering you've already read the headline?

That's right, there's nothing at all misleading about my headline - the business I'm profiling really is trying to create a solution to pedophilia - which is good. However, it's goal is to accomplish this through the creation of dolls that resemble the prospective offender's personal physical preferences - which is... weird, to say the least.

Company founder Bob Dobson is not motivated to establish this solution for the reasons that you think (thank goodness for small mercies). He has a different kind of personal experience with the sexual abuse of minors as he himself was a victim. He's since come to understand that being a pedophile is simply another sexual orientation, and that the desires of these people can be redirected to something else, although they'll never be stopped. An article published by Harvard supports this claim, stating that the goal is "preventing people from acting on their pedophile urges - either by decreasing their sexual arousal around children, or by increasing their ability to manage it."

So, he hopes to give the 400,000 individuals who are registered due to sexual offences against children (and the many others that have yet to offend or get caught), a way to avoid making real children their victims.
Child Love DollsChild Love Dolls

His plan is to offer his Child Love Dolls, which can be children or babies, and be completely customized. This means any pedophile with a preference can select body shape/size, hair color, eye color, and other pertinent details regarding their "type". Naturally, these dolls ill also have the components necessary for sexual activity.

Of course it's disgusting that Dobson would come out and say "pedophiles will love these dolls". But to him, that just means that he's accomplished his business goal in making something that's almost as appealing as the real live thing.

He's so confident that he's got such a great invention that he intends to ask the government for funding assistance as a part of a pedophile rehabilitation initiative. He thinks it's a concept that will be embraced since pedophiles (or most of them) know that what they're doing is wrong, and they want to avoid giving into their natural tendencies so that they don't find themselves in prison. 

Only time will tell if he's onto something here, as this business will not take off unless it does receive funding - but I think we can all agree that these dolls are the stuff that horror movies are made of. 

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 NOTE: Further information has come available indicating it that this is not a legitimate business. However, someone still dreamed up the idea which makes it as good as any other creepy business concept to us!