Rubie’s Children’s Costumes and Rompers Are Perfect For Geeky Parents

People have children for a lot of reasons. We hope to pass on our values, traditions, and passion for our favorite sports teams. And if geek love is a powerful force in the house, parents eagerly wait for the opportunity to introduce children to their favorite movies, comic book series, or cartoon characters. But no time is like the present, and if we didn’t have children to dress them in outfits that reflect our favorite interests, what is the point? Fly your geek flag, parents. From Star Trek rompers and Vulcan ears to Justice League character costumes for newborns, cosplay has never been more fun.

Fellow InventorSpot writer Steve Levenstein introduced us to the Japanese company Bandai and their line of Baby Cosplay Rompers, also known as onesies to North Americans. Cosplay, short for costume play, is when people (cosplayers) role-play and take on the persona of characters found in comic books or anime. Cosplay is a significant piece of Japanese pop culture, and is a growing trend in the United States. From San Diego’s Comic-Con to New York’s Comic Con, die-hard science fiction and comic book fans gather year-round from coast to coast.

One company is keeping up with this groundswell of fans happy to flaunt their love of cosplay. Rubie's Costume Company costumes and rompers are not just sized for adults. Rompers, jumpsuits, costumes—call them whatever you want, Rubie’s has them for your child.

No need for decorated, homemade onesies or pieced together costumes. Your newborn can be introduced to your love of Wonder Woman with an outfit of her own. And as her love grows—because isn’t that the goal?—Rubie’s Costume Company offers a variety of sizes to fit her for a lifetime.

And when Leonard Nimoy died, the respectable way to honor him would have been to send your son to preschool in a Spock costume. And giving his buddy a Captain Kirk outfit would have really highlighted Nimoy’s legacy and the importance of Star Trek in your life.

Rubie’s Costume Company knows costumes are not just for Halloween so their cyber shelves are filled all year long. Characters from Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Marvel and DC Comics are tailored to fit the youngest fans any time of the year. They have costumes ranging from animals to Christmas elves and carry a number of rompers and costumes of characters from your children’s favorite cartoons. Dora, Thomas, Shrek. They’re all there.

Or if you are as excited as I am about one of my favorite childhood television shows being made into an ABC show called The Muppets—a mockumentary style show for big kids—Rubie’s also has a great selection of costumes and rompers depicting the lovable puppets.

Having kids is an important job, but it should be fun too. I saw a dad take his son to see the newest Avengers movie and I am not sure who was more excited. It’s fun geeking out over our favorite fictional characters, and it’s even more fun when doing it in a Rubie's costume with those we love the most.

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