Children's Own Studio: Making Children's Imaginations Come To Life

When you're a child, there's nothing like seeing your own imaginary creations come to life, or having your art get the respect you think it deserves (beyond just a simple refrigerator display resulting from parental obligation). We have seen businesses in the past that manage to help children more tangibly showcase their creations, but none for children to enjoy themselves - until now, of course.

Child's Own Studio is a business that's both very unique, and very basic. It's basic because it makes stuffed animals, something an endless number of companies specialize in. It's unique because the ideas of the stuffed animal creations just don't come from anywhere, they come from the imaginations of children. 

The Canadian company, was started by Wendy Tsao in 2007, shortly after she created her first "softy" in the resemblance of a stick figure that her son drew. She found that he was more excited with this toy than any other, as he recognized it as his own creation. Since then, she's been accepting drawings from children around the world, and creating toys in their likeness - sometimes using her own artistic license, other times sticking to the exact criteria laid out by the original miniature artist.


Materials used for the softies vary, depending upon the original design, but most often items are 14"-17" in size. The specialized creations aren't cheap, ranging from $90-$140, but Tsao ensures customer satisfaction prior to shipping by sending photos of the completed product for approval. This is important, as her values include approaching each project as an artist rather than strictly as a business owner; giving each stuffed animal the same time and attention the child did when drawing it initially.

If you're competing for the parent of the year award, then this has to make you a contender, since all the other moms and dads are just sticking their kids' artwork on the fridge! And the ability to achieve that makes this a winning business, don't you think?

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