Children's Durable Snack Box Makes Travel Simple

 Trunk Snack BoxTrunk Snack Box


There are a multitude of snack boxes out there to keep kids satisfied when you're out and about, but none tend to be as efficient, convenient and adorable as the Trunk Snack Box by modern baby manufacturer Boon.

Boon products are well-known by hipster parents and those looking for something but affordable and unique for kids, but the Trunk Snack Box is fairly new on the scene - and not to be missed. 

Retailing at online shops like Amazon for  under $15.00, the Trunk looks like a modern little elephant kids will adore. The removable lid makes cleaning a breeze and keeps food fresh and safe on the go. The elephant's "tail" is a handle that allows kids to carry their own treats around without the worry of spillage or broken/lost pieces. 

For picky kids, the Trunk is divided into four separate compartments so greens won't touch the post-lunch cookie, and parents can clearly see how much of each snack has been eaten. Best of all, it's dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Could you really ask much more out of an elephant? 

For those who aren't completely sold on Trunk,  there is a Cargo design too - a cute lime green snail alternative. Both designs of Trunk Snack Box can easily be purchased at a retailer discount through Amazon.

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