Children's Electric Golf Cart: One Fun Ride for Kids

If you have a youngster who loves a good game of golf, he or she is going to love this "little" toy!

The Children's Electric Golf is like a smaller, slower version of the real, honest-to-goodness grownup golf cart, without the ginormous price tag. Junior will have a, well, ball, driving around the green, sidewalk or back yard in this fun ride.

Just like dad's golf cart, this cart has a real accelerator pedal. When you push on it, the motor goes, and when you lift your foot off the pedal, the motor stops. A small switch on the cart controls both the backward and forward movements of the cart.  And for added safety, the cart beeps when reversing, alerting others the cart is moving backwards. The cart even has its own horn, which is powered by 2 AA batteries.

 Children's Electric Golf CartChildren's Electric Golf Cart

The glossy white cart includes a comfy seat and backrest and has a place for a water bottle too. The cart has a mesh canopy cover for shade and a handy rubber-coated wire basket that hooks onto the back of the cart to store all your clubs. And speaking of clubs, the cart also comes with a smaller version golf bag, two plastic clubs, three balls, tees and more.

There's no need to buy expensive batteries for this fun ride either.  The cart, powered by a rechargeable 6-volt battery, can hold golfers up to 65 pounds.  The battery requires a 10 hour charge and an AC charger is included.  The cart can travel up to 2 ½ MPH for about an hour, so no lead-foots allowed!   The cart measures about 39 x 22 x 40 and weighs about 45 pounds. Recommended for children over 3, the Children's Electric Golf Cart retails for just under $300.

UPDATE: Hammacher no longer  carries this item.

Source and Photo:  Hammacher Schlemmer


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